Peralta Gets A Leadership Post: State of Politics

From State of Politics: Peralta Gets A Leadership Post

Sen. Jose Peralta, the Queens Democrat who moved at the start of the year to the Independent Democratic Conference, was given a leadership title on Tuesday. Peralta will be the vice chairman of the Senate Energy and Telecommunications Committee. The post comes with a $12,500 stipend, a decline from the $14,500 lulu he received as the mainline conference’s whip. In an interview, Peralta insisted the move wasn’t a financial one — an allegation that had been raised in a New York Post article soon after Peralta moved to the IDC.

“This is not about a pay raise,” he said, pointing to the reduction in the stipend from the previous leadership position in the mainline conference.

“In fact, I took a pay cut,” Peralta said. “I joined the IDC for principles not over a pay raise.”

Peralta said he hoped the post would help him pursue issues such as consumer concerns like prepaid phone cards, utility fees and broadband internet access. “These are the issues I’m going to be fighting for and, again, from a consumer perspective it’s about trying to insure I can protect the people that I represent.”

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