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TimesLedger: NYPD retakes Travers Park from alleged drug gang

Senator Peralta was quoted in an article regarding Travers Park published by Times Ledger. “Rivalry among gangs in and around Travers Park have led to a spike in violence, making our streets less safe,” state Sen. Jose Peralta (D-East Elmhurst) said. “We are not going to allow gangs to take over Travers Park, the only park in Jackson Heights. It is our park.

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City will add 980 seats to an overcrowded Corona school that has used trailers for decades

Corona‘s P.S. 143 (the Louis Armstrong School) has been overcrowded for years — so much so that it uses six trailers, a mini-building and annex to accommodate a student population twice the capacity of the original school building.

Finally, some relief is in sight.

 On March 16, state Senator Jose Peralta and the School Construction Authority (SCA) unveiled the design for the permanent annex at P.S. 143’s auditorium in front of more than one hundred parents. The new building, which is being built on land owned by the Parks Department, will be five stories and add 980 seats with science laboratories, art and music rooms and a cafeteria.
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Queens Chronicle: Pols aim to prevent unfair inspections

The Queens Chronicle wrote an article about efforts Senator Peralta and Assemblymember Kim put in place to establish a fair health inspection system.

Chronicle: “Peralta, the main sponsor in Albany’s upper chamber, discussed an overzealous inspector he saw at a restaurant on Roosevelt Avenue in Jackson Heights. The business owner had trouble communicating with the inspector due to a language barrier, he said, and stopped the man to demand that he show ID after he walked right into the restaurant’s kitchen.” Please, read the entire article here.

Peralta Shields Immigrant Communities With “Sanctuary District 13”: Tribune

The Queens Tribune and other publications wrote about Senator Peralta’s creation of Sanctuary District 13.

This is part of the article by the Tribune: Peralta Shields Immigrant Communities With “Sanctuary District 13”

In the wake of recent Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids, state Senator Jose Peralta (D-East Elmhurst) held an immigration forum at PS 19 on Wednesday night, where he announced “Sanctuary District 13,” a program to protect immigrants in his district.

Peralta bill would require photo proof of violations: Times Ledger

Entire article regarding Sen. Peralta’s proposal to require city agencies to obtain photo evidence when issuing summonses for civil violations.

Times Ledger:

Santiago Bonilla, the owner of Love Bakery and Cafe, is fighting a $300 summons for an unclean sidewalk for garbage he couldn’t clean because it was lodged beneath an parked car. Two years ago, the owner of the deli next door was issued a summons for the same reason.

Last week their neighbor on Junction Boulevard, state Sen. Jose Peralta (D-East Elmhurst), unveiled a measure requiring city agencies to obtain photographic evidence when issuing summonses for certain civil violations that are reviewed by the city’s Office of Administrative Trails and Hearings.

“This legislation is about fairness, it is about transparency. This is another example of how government can catch up with technology,” Peralta said. “New Yorkers already document everyday life situations with their cell phones or other electronic devices. There is no reason that enforcement officers cannot have proof of a violation by snapping a quick photo with a cell phone or tablet.”

Peralta’s bill would mandate that city agencies develop a list of violations where photographs could serve as evidence of violations, such as the presence of vermin at eateries, or states of disrepair that violate the city’s Construction Code. The accumulation of garbage on sidewalks, for example, as well as vermin and disrepair, all lend themselves to proof through the use of photos by enforcement officials, he said. Once a city agency determines that a particular violation should appear on a list of those covered by the legislation, a photograph of the conditions underlying the violation must be obtained.

Using the website already maintained by OATH, respondents will then have the ability to easily view photographs collected by enforcement officials, should they wish to proceed with an appeal.

“While justice dictates that respondents should have the ability to ascertain the nature of the evidence against them, it is also important that the city is able to prove its case and uphold a summons when it has been properly issued,” Peralta said. “The use of photographic evidence will level the playing field and allow all parties to accurately address the substance of cases appearing before the OATH tribunals.”

In 2016, the Hearing Division of the Environmental Control Board of OATH reviewed more than 700,000 summonses of which nearly 60 percent were dismissed.

“My bill will focus on improving the quality of summonses issued,” Peralta said. “With the use of photographic evidence, summonses may be more difficult to challenge for respondents, but it is also my hope that the city will sharply reduce the number of summonses issued improperly. There is simply no reason for these matters to continue to be adjudicated by a legal standard of ‘he said, she said.’”

Assemblyman-elect Brian Barnwell (D-Woodside) joined Peralta and said he would carry the bill to the state Assembly when he is sworn in next month.

“This bill will promote transparency and justice,” Barnwell said. “The government can say this is what you violated and this is the evidence. The government can easily take a photo. That solves a lot of problems and that is why I signed on to this bill.”

Peralta proposes registry for travel agents: TimesLedger

The TimesLedger published an article regarding the Senator’s travel registry legislation.

TimesLedger:  With the holiday travel season in full swing and complaints on the rise, state Sen. Jose Peralta (D-East Elmhurst) unveiled legislation in Jackson Heights Monday that would require travel agents and consultants to register with the New York Department of State. The implementation of a registration scheme would safeguard consumers against fraud, misrepresentation and false advertising, while also introducing security concerns.

“Consumers are ripped off every day with lies, scams, false travel packages,” Peralta said. “Under my proposal, we replace the Truth in Travel Act with a registry for travel consultants and promoters. Currently, the Department of State can already investigate consumer protection allegations, but my legislation will offer further protections by implementing a more regimented system where consumers can play a proactive role in protecting their interests.”

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Senator Peralta Donates 1,000 Turkeys for Families in Need: NY1

NY1 covered Sen. Peralta’s sixth annual Turkey Drive. This is the link to the story in NY1.

NY1: Families in Queens are getting some help this year with preparing their Thanksgiving meal.  State Senator Jose Peralta’s office is giving 1,000 turkeys to organizations in the borough that help families in need.

Volunteers handed out more than 100 turkeys Tuesday at Peralta’s Corona office.  Families can also use a voucher from Peralta’s office to pick up turkeys from participating grocery stores. “To have a sense of normalcy, especially during Thanksgiving time, during the holiday season and sometimes due to economic reasons, you can’t be, you can’t afford to buy the turkey, you can’t afford to have a family dinner,” Peralta said.

“I’m going to hang on to this for Thanksgiving for the families from my program, families that usually don’t have meals or the opportunity to provide for the kids during the holidays,” said Leibniz Scottborgh, executive director of the Father Billini Association.

This marks the sixth year Peralta’s office has hosted a turkey drive.

A broader plan to get rid of the ‘old Times Square’ look of Roosevelt Avenue: Courier

Queens Courier: This summer, state Senator Jose Peralta called Roosevelt Avenue “the new old Times Square” and announced legislation to create an 11-member commission to help get rid of “bad actors” on the strip.

The commission recommended punishing bar owners who were operating with a cabaret license. On Nov. 1, Peralta took that recommendation further when he, along with state Senator Michael Gianaris and Assemblyman Michael DenDekker, announced that the legislation was amended to include the entirety of the avenue from 114th Street in Corona to 49th Street.

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Pols ask that South Corona be downzoned: Queens Chronicle

The Queens Chronicle published an article regarding the proposal to downgrade the zoning of south Corona to alleviate school overcrowding.

“Corona is growing. Old one- and two- family homes are being replaced by multifamily dwellings and buildings,” Peralta said. “Simply put, development is going too fast right here in South Corona and that is making things very difficult for residents seeking better services and students seeking a quality education.”

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Queens Courier: DHS removes sex offender from Corona family shelter overnight after community finds out

State Senator Jose Peralta and the community alerted of the housing of a  sex offender in a family shelter in Corona. Queens Courier: Peralta said, “It is my hope that the city agency improves its vetting practice to make sure it does not happen again.” He added that the city should implement a screening process for possible sex offenders before moving them into shelters with children and near schools.

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