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The Source: Hoverboard fans, be prepared: the devices now have all-new legislation

The Source magazine published an article about State Senator Jose Peralta’s amendments to his bill to regulate hoverboards. Sen. Peralta introduced the changes because of recent reports about some of these devices exploding or catching fire. “If the Division (State Department’s Division of Consumer Protection) determines that hoverboards or electric unicycles have exploded, the agency would post the brand, model, manufacturer and retail seller of the malfunctioning device on its website,” said Sen. Peralta.

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Reps talk safety at Jackson Heights Town Hall: Times Ledger

The TimesLedger wrote about the town hall meeting Sen. Jose Peralta co-hosted to tackle gang violence in Jackson Heights.

TimesLedger: Reps talk safety at Jackson Heights Town Hall

Concerned Jackson Heights residents gathered at the Jewish Center of Jackson Heights last week for a town hall about gang violence and neighborhood safety that was organized by Councilman Daniel Dromm (D-Jackson Heights) and state Sen. Jose Peralta (D-East Elmhurst).

The meeting was called after a recent incident in Travers Park, at the corner of 77th Street and 34th Avenue. An 18-year old was playing basketball in the northeast corner of the park at about 8:10 p.m. May 9 when he was approached by seven to 10 men and was stabbed by one of them. He was transported to a hospital in stable condition, according to police. The perpetrator has not yet been arrested.

“Travers Park is the only park around here, and there’s no reason we should lose this park to gangs or anyone who wants to hurt our kids,” Peralta said. “We want to ensure these stabbings do not become the norm.”

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Senator Jose Peralta was quoted in a Daily News article regarding the CUNY/Daily News Citizenship Now initiative. He noted, “Not to get political, but there are elections out there, and some folks are talking about negative things for immigrants.” Peralta’s comments also appeared in a piece ran by El Diario

The Queens Chronicle wrote about opt out rates in the borough. State Sen. Jose Peralta was interviewed for the article. Senator Peralta, member of the New York State Senate Education Committee, said, “This is precisely why the current testing system is being reevaluated, in order to curtail the burden placed on students, as well as to develop a model that correlates with real benefits to the State’s overall curriculum.”

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Hope for mayoral control, despite snub: Queens Chronicle

Queens Chronicle interviewed Sen. Peralta regarding mayoral control of the New York City public schools. Peralta expressed disappointment because Mayor Bill de Blasio was absent form a hearing scheduled to discuss mayoral control. “We made it easy for him. It was literally right across the street from where he works,” Peralta said in the interview. “Instead, he decided to go on radio.”

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CBS-2: Parents, Lawmakers Angry Over De Blasio’s Decision To Skip State Senate Hearing On Control Over NYC Schools

CBS-2 aired a segment regarding mayoral control of the New York City public schools. Sen. Peralta was featured in the piece. CBS: “This is such an important issue; such a top priority for the mayor, and yet, he’s not here. He’s chosen to be at radio shows and not be at this hearing,” said state Sen. Jose Peralta./

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With 7 line loaded with lead paint, State Senate passes bill to require that MTA study lead hazards

A bill sponsored by Queens Senator Jose Peralta to study the amount of lead in elevated train tracks has passed the senate.

The bill, which was introduced on April 28, passed unanimously on June 5 and is being considered in the Assembly.

After a local painters union found that paint chips falling from the elevated tracks on the 7 line contained extremely high levels of lead, Peralta introduced legislation along with Bronx Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz that would require the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) and New York City Transit Authority (NYCT) to conduct a study on lead paint on elevated subway tracks and stations throughout the city.

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Peralta defends state funding for his district

Fifty-thousand dollars to the Center for the Integration and Advancement of New Americans (CIANA); another $50,000 to the Jewish Association Serving the Aging (JASA); $50,000 more to the APICHA Community Health Center.

In the last month, State Senator Jose Peralta has rolled out the allocation of nearly $450,000 in state funding to more than a half-dozen local organizations in his district.

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City expands Community Schools Initiative

Mayor Bill de Blasio announced plans to improve education across the city by expanding the Community Schools Initiative.

Up to 69 additional schools will serve up to 108,000 students by utilizing and supporting community resources to impact the growth of families across the five boroughs.

The unique approach to education incorporates the services available from neighborhood organizations to support the child and the family. The strategy is what one elected official called a “holistic” approach to academics, health and mental health services, youth development, expanded learning opportunities and family supports that are critical to improving student success.

 “Equity and Excellence is about evening the playing field for our students, and Community Schools help to do just that,” said de Blasio. “To reach success in their classes, our students often require some extra support outside the classroom. This expansion allows us to provide additional after-school activities, mental health counseling, enhanced family engagement, and so much more.”

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In video, IDC says ‘call the roll’ to find 32 Senate Dem votes

Timing is everything in politics: The day before a special election is expected to result in the addition of a 32nd Democrat to the state Senate, the eight members of the Independent Democratic Conference have released a video calling on all of the chamber’s Democrats to sign on the line which is dotted to show their support for a set of progressive agenda items.

The video, released Monday, comes after a week and a half of brutal coverage of the controversy over the Senate GOP majority’s controversial payment of lulus to its own members and a disproportionate number of IDC lawmakers for committee positions that they do not actually hold.

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Peralta Allocates $50K For Apicha Community Health Center’s Jackson Heights Location

State Senator Jose Peralta announced a $50,000 state allocation to the Apicha Community Health Center (CHC), an organization that provides affordable healthcare for vulnerable New Yorkers. The funding will be used to help Apicha expand its services and move into a new site in Jackson Heights.

“I am very glad I was able to secure this state allocation for Apicha Community Health Center as the organization will soon open its new location in Jackson Heights to offer services to our communities,” said Senator Peralta. “By having a presence in Jackson Heights, Apicha will be able to assist, among many others, immigrants, the LGBTQ community, women and children.”

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